Hello, world! Karen’s Mythical 5

I’ve always, always wanted to manage a “proper” blog, not because I wanted to make a name in the worldwide web but mostly because I wanted a venue to air out my thoughts and feelings and reviews — because Twitter’s 140-character limit may just be bit too limited at times (most of the time!!!) for this muddy, crazy mind of mine.

Yet even as the itch has always been there, I was always riddled by reasons such as “I don’t have time” or “I cannot set-up my domain at the moment” or what-have-you’s. But today, for some reason, I found myself wanting to finally cave in to that desire. Chalk it up to some decision I had to make this weekend. Or me finally graduating after x number of years (will write about that soon!). Or just me deciding the dilly-dallying is over. I still cannot set-up my own domain but what-the-heck. I will start with a free site and take it from there.

This blog is actually 11 years old (as old as my working girl self) but I love my domain so much I decided to just reimagine the site (since that’s all-too popular anyway, what with Marvel and Archie Comics relaunches last year), hiding all my young, frou-frou musings so this blog may have a fresh start.

As I was thinking about what my first entry in this reimagined site will be, I realised that I never really had a proper “hello, world!” post. So here goes.

Before I dive into my thoughts and what-nots, an introduction. Here are five quick facts about me:

  1. I am a reluctant geek. That means, I am as geek as geek can get. I go deep into my fandoms and spend a lot on cutesy stuff, like toys and comics and whatever-I-can-get-my-hands-on. But if anybody asks me if I’m a geek, I’d say, “no.” Because I hardly think I am. I just may be a, uhm, hoarder.
  2. I love writing. And I don’t just mean penning articles (which I do for an online publication from time-to-time) or scribbling poetry (which I also do when I have bursts of visits from my muse). But I mean physically writing, as in holding a pen and paper. I don’t think I will survive a world that goes totally digital.
  3. I wear mismatched socks on purpose. It actually started out as a fun way to copy my ultimate crush, Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler, (yeah, I’m crazy like that) but then I started noticing that some of the best things that happened to me the past years happened when I have mismatched socks on!
  4. I name all of my gadgets and my journals. I started naming my gadgets when I started buying them from my own pay. I usually name gadgets after celebrity crushes and crushes from my favorite fandoms. Recently, though, I have had über bad luck with “guy” gadgets so I decided to take in names of girls…still from my favourite fandoms, though. My iPad has just been dubbed Betty from Archie Comics and my lappie got the name Hermione (Granger, of course). My phone, which I got years ago, was named Gubler and has gone bonkers recently. My journals, I thought of naming a few years back. I don’t know how I came about doing it though. I think it’s because I tried writing out a name and it made sense because it felt more like writing a letter to a friend. My journals’ names are mostly random and usually girls’ names. My current one is named Lennon, my first guy journal, because it’s a Beatles Moleskine.
  5. Food may be my true love. Unless some random prince sweeps me off my feet and turns me into a princess, then I take this back. Or, you know, just some random nice guy, who will make me reaffirm this life-long belief that true love does exist. Not in a hurry, though. Because, you know, food.

So there. Me in five fast facts.

But why five? Because it’s a mythical number (you know, mythical 5 in basketball?). And because in this blog, I will cover mostly five of the following topics:

  1. The Screen. Anything in the small or big screen. Because I’m a TV series and movie buff. I can spend most of my days lying in bed and just geeking out to my screen marathons.
  2. The Written Word. This is for everything about the written word – the books I read (want to read) and my own little attempts at fiction and poetry. When I’m not consuming TV shows or movies, I read. A lot. Or write. Also a lot. Not as much as I used to when I was younger (I often marvel why) but I have started to get back into the groove this year. And putting books plus my own words here as a major topic gives me more reasons to read and write more.
  3. Pen and Paper. I am obsessed with writing materials – cute notebooks, notepads, and pens. Anything school supply, actually. When I was younger, my mom used to scold me every time I bring home new stash because they always just sit on my desk, collecting dust. She stopped – not because I don’t bring home new school supplies anymore but because mostly she’s gotten tired of scolding me! LOL.
  4. Foodie. If there’s something I spend more money on than my fandom finds, it’s food. I love everything from the cheap street food buys to the really good, expensive finds. I don’t mind spending any amount as long as it’s for a yummy fill.
  5. Life. This is for those life lessons that I pick up along the way. Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Enjoy yourself. That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.” And it’s true. I’m only three years into my 30’s and I’m realizing that lessons in this part of my life are clearer and, dare I say, much more intense? So I wish to share it here, in hopes that they can be useful to someone else, too.

In relation to my screen and written word posts, I will also share a lot of my geek finds. Because there are a lot out there! IF you know where to find (and I also welcome more geek finds suggestions, too!). And I’ve stopped denying that I do love anything geeky – from toys to clothes to reading materials. Most of my geek finds though will revolve around my top five fandoms: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who (which I only recently got into), Marvel, and Star Wars.

From time to time, I might cover fashion and cosmetics and all those other things that catch my fancy.

Whew. That was quite a long post. But if you stuck with me until this line, thank you. Welcome to my (sometimes) crazy, (always) delusional life.

See you around!

Feeling: HK_happy happy
All ears to: “Beauty and The Beast” live action film (currently playing on our screen)
Curled up in bed with: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman


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